Toll Free Number for 12 Months

  1. 2000 Min Outbound Free
  2. 1.30/Min Inbound Call
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  1. Management PanelWe provide you toll free management panel where all calls are stored. So you are able to manage your incoming calls & recordings
  2. Number ChoicesWe provide you great flexibility to choose your toll free number. We offer auto & manual number choice options.
  3. Multi Agent AccessThis feature allows your employees or executives to access their call logs when you are not available, so it divides responsibility.
  4. SMS integrationWe provide SMS integration feature with toll free service. All text messages sent to your number are stored in one place.
  5. Call recordingThis feature allows you to record incoming calls that you want. You can manage & delete these recorded calls anytime.
  6. Excel DownloadWe provide your complete report in excel sheet. You can download this excel sheet report.
  7. Vanity NumbersVanity numbers are more easy to remember. You can choose eye-catching vanity numbers with us.
  8. Live BillingWe provide live billing for your toll free services. You can check your billing details from your account.
  9. Multiple ChannelsYou will get multiple channels with our toll free service. You will never miss any call with our service
  10. Cloud infrastructureWe have SSD powered data center to ensure high speed, stable system & we are able to increase capacity anytime
  11. Live Report & StatisticsWe give you complete live reports & notifications. You can monitor your reports & statistics anytime from your panel.
  12. 100% AvailabilityOur Toll free number service offers you 100% availability, means the number you selected will definitely be available.
  13. Auto SetupYou will get auto setup for your service & we don’t charge any set up fee. Set up your service with us.
  14. IVR SystemWith our IVR system, you will never miss a business lead. We deliver better services at affordable cost.
  15. On hold musicThis feature allows to choose any type of music like classical, optimistic, rock, or electronic to keep your customers on the line.
  16. Call forwardingWe allow you to forward your incoming calls on cell phone or telephone number instantly anywhere in the world.
  17. Multiple Ring StrategyWe offers multiple ring strategy. Our ring groups include Ring all, Hunt & Memory Hunt.
  18. RedundancyWe are providing a great redundancy service. In this case your Toll Free number will never go down for a single sec.
  19. Auto receptionistAuto receptionist feature gives professional voice greeting to your callers. We also offers multiple menu options.


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