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We have started our journey 8 years before with development of simple website for a Trust (Bamdev Sangha). In last 8 years we are successfully completed more than 1000 Web Applications And Mobile Applications and then successfully setup a Start Up DESIRE TECHNOLOGIES in Kolkata Amherst Street. This year we also started a very small unit in London UK DESIRE TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL LTD . But few month before amid of pandemic occur and due to the lockdown all business, organization, school, college, university, pharmacy farmers , labour faced a huge economic disaster. Big corporate and Macro companies may overcome this situation in future by cost cutting and accepting advance technology. Biggest sufferers will be small and micro companies and organizations and mostly farmers. Mainly the retail section, small shop, offices, restaurant, pharmacy, stationary shop will be going to face a huge lose. Some of them already started thinking to stop there business. The main reason will be to maintain the social distancing peoples are using the online platforms for shopping and ordering. Big companies can make their Web and Mobile Application , Set up their Information Technology team and call center to sell their product or services but What About the small and micro companies and offices and farmers ? 1. They have to sell their products through online platform like Amazon Flipkart Zomato, Swiggy, ebay etc But they charge huge percentage of commission on sell. So profit become the lose ultimately. 2. They demand huge papers work for registration, It is tough for small organization to fulfill it because they have no big infrastructure. 3. They don’t allow to sell everything. 4. Small units can’t afford Website Application or Mobile Application and Information Technology Services, Call Center etc . they can’t afford it’s cost. To keep this problem in our mind we have planned to start “Atma Nirbhar Application” or “Self Supported Application” (Web Application and Mobile application with full Information Technology Support ) for each and every business and offices. “Atma Nirbhar Application” will also work for farmer. Every one can sell their Goods and Services through this app. Can recieved payment without giving Extra commission to anyone. Can Contact their client verbally through phone or video chat. More than 5000 freelancer developer are working with our Dedicated team. We already developed codes and Blue print Demo Application which can be marketed with in 2 or 3 months. We have strength of making 1 lakhs applications for a small business in a year. This Atma Nirbhar Application will work as own online store and offices expected cost around 9999/- one time . We have started to talk with some renowned delivery partner to support the business units. We also planning to setup a call center to train our user. The maintenance cost of this application for small business likely to be 2000 – 2500) per year or ( Rs 10/ – Per Working Day. Farmer can use this app group wise for cost cutting. But ultimately we are also a small startup company and also facing a lose in this crucial period. To make this project successful we need your kind support. 20 Years before only .001% people use cell phone but today smart phone has reached the every corner of our country. I hope in future not only the big brand but also our small organization even farmer also will get the benefit of information technology by this Atma Nirbhar Application. MSMEs Contribute 29.7% Of India’s GDP , Agriculture 17% , Retail and Small Service and Farming provide Maximum Job More Than 70 %. Atma Nirbhar Application is for all these people. I Bajranil Mallick on behalf of my Company DESIRE TECHNOLOGIES can assure you if this project will got success then it can make a New Bengal as well as New India in future. We are very pleased to get Dr. Debashish Goswami as our project advisor.

     Aatma Nirbhar App for Student
  1. Online Tuition With Books and Videos
  2. Books Home Delivery (All Types Of Books With All Subjects)
  3. Lab and Other School College Instruments
  4. School College Project
Aatma Nirbhar App for Shop (Any)
  1. Taking Online Order
  2. Receiving Online Payment
  3. Delivery Boy Available
  4. Online Marketing By Yourself (Free)
  5. Purchase Wholesale Products For Shop
  6. With Credit/ loan Facilities
  7. Trade License Registration & Renewal
  8. GST Registration & Filing ,Income Tax Related Help
  9. Shop Billing
  Aatma Nirbhar App for Restaurant
  1. Taking Online Food Order
  2. Receiving Online Payment
  3. Food Delivery Boy Available
  4. Online Marketing By Yourself (Free)
  5. Purchase Raw Material (Food Items) For Restaurant
  6. With Credit/ Loan Facilities
  7. Trade License Registration & Renewal
  8. GST Registration & Filing ,Income Tax Related Help
  9. Restaurant Billing & Ordering
  10. FSSI License Registration & Renewal
         Aatma Nirbhar App for Lawyer
  1. Online Appointment Booking For Clients
  2. Online Consultation Facilities
  3. Online Payment Accept   (Debit Card, Credit Card Acceptable)
  4. Law Related Books Purchase
  5. Courier Service
  6. All Types of E – Court Link & Case Search
  7. Published and Notify Hearing Date for Client .
        Aatma Nirbhar App for Doctor
  1. Online Appointment Booking For Patients
  2. Online Video Consultation Facilities
  3. Online Payment  Accept (Debit Card, Credit Card Acceptable)
  4. Published Next Date of Appointment Patients Wise
  5. Create numerous Clinic/Service locations, with their own contact details/forms, address, maps.
  6. Booking Forms are easily added for any service/location using shortcodes and widgets.
  7. Organise your services in hierarchical categories
               Aatma Nirbhar App for Coaching Centre 
  1. Online Students Registration
  2. Online Monthly Fees
  3. Online Group Class Zoom or Webex
  4. Books Home Delivery (All Types Of Books With All Subjects)
  5. School College Project
  6. Online Exam
       Aatma Nirbhar App for Gym
  1. Online Registration
  2. Online Slot Booking
  3. Monthly Fees
  4. Gym Equipment Order
  5. Online Food Supplement Purchase
  Aatma Nirbhar App for Real Estate    
  • Property Listing page with google map
  • Create a User-Friendly Website
  • Featured Listing
  • Online Flat Booking
  • Add/edit features i.e Lift, pool etc.
  • Property For Rent/Sale
  • Other Property Options i.e Beds, Bath, Area, built year etc.
  • Agent Registration and Login
  • Agents Property Listing
  • Loan Calculator
  • Contact Us
  • Beautiful Gallery Page
  • Social Media Marketing With Video Banner and 3d Design
  • Call Center For Client Enquiery


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