People unnecessary suffering for uncleared transport regulations for App Based Bike-Taxi

The biggest problem for bike-taxis in India has been tackling motor vehicle rules and regulations. Often, state authorities refuse to recognize the service as legal. and consequently People unnecessary suffering in Such an unfavorable regulatory situation.

In India, all commercial vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, require a yellow number plate, but not 2-wheelers.

While the Indian government has tried to resolve the issue, the draft guidelines issued by the central government in December 2016 allow state governments to draft their own Vehicles regulations. Since December 2017, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh have authorised and approved commercial bike-taxi services. Haryana has also introduced bikes as a public service vehicle, while Goa has always had bike-taxis.

However, many other states are yet to amend their laws . In West Bengal The situation quite Alarming. Here the biker are doing registration in Ola Uber and other companies does not have Yellow Name plate whatsoever. These companies are allowing their registration without verifying their name plate or commercial license. People are booking regularly Bike Taxi to reach office, college in time. But on the way Driver as well as passenger is being harassed by the traffic police. Some Uber ola Biker are trying to escape from traffic police and facing some serious accident.

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