Bamdev Sangha

BAMDEV would be the first idol of Tarapith to be worshiped. The most famous renown religious place in West Bengal

Brief About Our Work for Bamdev Sangha the Oldest relegious place Tarapith, West Bengal, India

How TEmple Use our Online Marketing strategy to Attract New Visitors

1.      Include the history, mision and vision of organization
2.      Add rich information about the projects you are working on: description, images, videos
3.      Geolocate your meeting points and events. Thanks to the GPS indications, no one will get lost
4.      Add information of the events your organization and members can get involved
5.      Send push notifications, “Whatsapp” like messages with information about the activities and events they can participate.
6.      Get feedback. create surveys to get valuable information from your members
7.      Include your social networks twitter, facebook, youtube…
8.       Let your contact you through phone, email or a form.

Streamlined Donation Page

While website visitors may end up clicking through to donation page, fully intending to make a gift, donation page itself can still influence whether they make it or not. Make sure that donation page doesn’t have any links that would distract and direct people off the page before they make their gift. The overall page short and sweet, capturing only the most important information necessary and Payment Gateway Integration with Digital Reciept Generator.

Social Network Marketing

Give visitors the option to share your content on other social media platforms

Individual Staff Pages

These pages to share staff members’ social media accounts and personal websites, which can allow visitors to further connect with them

Financial Transparency

It is a long established Provide clear insight into your organization’s financials to foster trust
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