Astrology Astrologers Welfare Association & Sarba Bharatiya Brahman Parishad

Astrology Astrologers Welfare Association & Sarba Bharatiya Brahman Parishad


We create electronic library makes it possible to read, summarize, and cite electronic versions of editions

Digtal Media and IT Professional partner

We are proud to be the IT and Digital Media Partner and to do the  media coverage for Astrology Astrologers Welfare Association & Sarba Bharatiya Brahman Parishad

Web application of aawa & sbbp Features

·         E-library is the easiest to use the available online research tool.
·         Standards searching help the educators to integrate the technology into the curriculum, by increasing the technology literacy.
·         Reader can use the search by topic feature to retrieve a manageable amount of quality content, quickly and easily.
·         Public libraries need to offer an easy-to-use research solution to patrons.
·         Point-and-click functionality ensures all the users finding the information they need.
·         The reference desk gives integrated access to a dictionary, encyclopedia, almanacs, and much more.
·         Visually impaired people are no longer disabled in searching and surfing information on the digital library.
·         Online appointment system with astrologers and purohits.
·         Payment on booking by Debit/Credit Card EMI Wallet.
·         Online Membership.

Streamlined Donation Page

While website visitors may end up clicking through to donation page, fully intending to make a gift, donation page itself can still influence whether they make it or not. Make sure that donation page doesn’t have any links that would distract and direct people off the page before they make their gift. The overall page short and sweet, capturing only the most important information necessary and Payment Gateway Integration with Digital Reciept Generator.

Social Network Marketing

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Individual Staff Pages

These pages to share staff members’ social media accounts and personal websites, which can allow visitors to further connect with them

Financial Transparency

It is a long established Provide clear insight into organization’s financials to foster trust

We make Strong Facebook and Other Social Media Presence, Raising money for their social activities. Humanize Posts. Every post on page should tell a story. “

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