4 Accused Killed In Police Encounter (Hyderabad)

Four blamed in Hyderabad vet’s assault and murder case ncountered and killed

Charged had been taken to spot to reproduce wrongdoing scene when they attempted to escape: Police sources

Assault murder charged encountered and killed on same area where lady’s body was found

Every one of the four denounced in the Hyderabad veterinarian’s assault and murder case have been killed in a encounter with police on Friday morning, police have said.

The occurrence occurred around 6.30 am the point at which the blamed were taken to the site for offense for the reproduction of the area of the wrongdoing as a feature of the examination, a senior police official was cited as saying by news office PTI.

“They (blamed) grabbed weapons from police and discharged on police and attempted to get away… police terminated in counter in which the four charged passed on,” a senior police official told PTI. Two cops were likewise harmed, he said.

Salute to our police for giving them the right fate

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